How To Shop

Bitcoin shopping experience may be the first time for you but for bitcoin community , it is a usuall thing. To shop at you should have bitcoin or dogecoin balance in your wallet. You can use either online or offline wallet. To buy bitcoin you can go to localbitcoin. Online wallets are available to register. Some of my favorites are, coinbase, and holytransaction and xapo wallet. When you have cash on your balance let’s go shopping!

1. Click on the pricing offer.

2. You will be redirected to payment page.

3. Read carefully text in the box.

4. Open your bitcoin / dogecoin wallet.

5. I choose dogecoin for shopping experience.

6. Open your wallet

7. . Go to payment page, and copy the dogecoin addres in the box.

8. Paste the address in your wallet.

9. Fill the amount shown in the text. ( You should write the EXACT amount because if you don’t do that, the system will not recognize your payment, and you will lost your money).

9. Klik next -

10.  send.

11. Wait 1- 2 minute.

12. You will see the transaction was successful.

13. Click the download link.

14 Your instant shopping is now done.

15. You can download your ebook.

Happy shopping

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